Logos Christian School
Andhika Plaza C/10-11, Simpang Dukuh 38-40 Surabaya 60275
545-2244, 0852-3200-3300, info@logos.sch.id
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Who We Are

In the year of 2000, the burden for this LOGOS school started to bud. We began to conduct a class of STRIS Education, teaching the history and philosophy of education, and presenting the right concepts of education to STRIS students and other teachers or educators.

In 2003, LOGOS called some persons to involved in a team for founding this school. Besides, GRII-Andhika just got a loan of two stored-buildings at Andhika Plaza C/10-11 to be used for LOGOS Playgroup and Kindergarten.

In 2004, this team was supported by more full-timers who had LOGOS prepared and provided more devices to develop its curriculum for LOGOS schools. By then, GRII Andhika prepared to buy a land of 6000 m2 at Citra Land for future Elementary School.

It’s only by the Grace of God.

LOGOS is founded with two main concerns:
1. We observe many Christian families whose children are not in the Christian schools.
2. We observe many Christian school which are not rooted and integrated with the Word of God.
Based on the above concerns, we are called to establish this LOGOS educational school. Our burden is to expect all students of LOGOS to grow in all kinds of disciplines by Advancing their intellects. Building their characters, and caring for their spiritual growth.

LOGOS Reformed Evangelical Education sees the need to build Christians with integrative characters by developing every God’s given talent for them to fulfill God’s divine purpose in and through their lives.

To Provide an integrative education in intellectual, moral and spiritual aspects based on the Biblical truth, in the light of Reformed Theology, for the glory of God.

We work out an integrative curriculum in science and faith in the light of the Scripture to promote tripartheid-education; to motivate dedicated Christian teachers with adequate knowledge and skills; to love the Lord and children.


We are commited to base every aspect of the learning teaching process with Biblical (Reformed) teaching.


We, the church, parents, teachers are commited to educate the children together.


We are commited to engage in a transparent financial system that can be accessed by all involved parties.

Personal Education

We are commited to develop self-potential and self-competency in a small group.
Playgroup – 3 teachers for 16 children
Kindergarten – 2 teachers for 16 children
Elementary – 1 teacher for 20 children

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    Andhika Plaza C/10-11, Simpang Dukuh 38-40
    Surabaya 60275
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