Logos Christian School
Andhika Plaza C/10-11, Simpang Dukuh 38-40 Surabaya 60275
545-2244, 0852-3200-3300, info@logos.sch.id
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We believe that true education is total personality building of human being, according to the will of God, so he can accomplish God’s will, in and through his life, under God’s sovereign power and for the glory of God only.

We believe that human being is created by God according to the image of God. Being the crown of creation which is essentially different in quality to all other creatures.

We believe of total depravity of all human being as the consequence of the Fall, so he can not understand and accomplish God’s sovereign will. His mind is bound in sin and became the slave of sin.

We believe every educational process should start with repentance and regeneration by the blood of Christ, which reconcile man to God as the first and ultimate Source of knowledge and wisdom.

According to the Word of God, we believe that fear of the Lord is the beginning of all knowledge. Without fear of the Lord and enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, no true and accurate interpretation about nature and history.

We believe that every educator should be true Christian, have been regenerated, fear to the Lord, have good integrity and morality, due to understanding that education is not just transfer knowledge, but life building and personality through examples.

We believe that church, parents and education institution, are related simultaneously as Tripartheid to build holistic and integrative Christian education.

To manage and develop the “fear of the Lord” education, with integration between faith and true science, according to and under the authority of the Bible in Reformed perspectives with Evangelical spirit.

Committed and responsible to do integrative education through example of life and true scientific responsibility.

To organize and develop education to the glory of God, to love neighbors, to be blessing for family, nation and country, with good morality, true knowledge and skills.

Understand that we should appreciate good and qualified educators; we should manage good finance policies. Understand that we should involve education institution, church and parents to succeed true integrative Christian education.

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    Andhika Plaza C/10-11, Simpang Dukuh 38-40
    Surabaya 60275
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